Bơm cánh khế SRU - Rotary Lobe Pump SRU

 Dòng bơm rotary lobe hay còn gọi là bơm cánh khế

Bơm cánh khế như 1 loại bơm dịch chuyển chất thể tích nên phù hợp với môi chất có viscosity cao

SRU Rotary Lobe Pump
The SRU rotary lobe pump is an ideal choice, not only for viscous and sensitive products but also for products containing solids
The benefits include:
• Gentle Products Treatment
• Special Seal Design
• Fulfills The Highest Hygienic Demands

SRU/SX Rotary Lobe Pumps

SRU - Rotary Lobe Pump
3A/FDA compliant
Universal gearbox mounting
Modular build

SX - The ultimate in clean pumping
EHEDG Accredited
Fully cleanable CIP and SIP
Universal gearbox mounting

The principle of a rotary-lobe pump

The pump has 2 rotors which rotate in different directions 1 clockwise, 1 anticlockwise. This creates a cavity for product to flow in to As rotors rotate they carry fluid from suction to discharge side of the pump

SRU Features and Benefits

  • Universal mounting on SRU1 to SRU4 
  • Sanitary porting to BS4825 / ISO2037 
  • Conforms to 3A sanitary standard and FDA material requirements 
  • Conventional lobe pump design concept
  • 316L type stainless steel standard other grades available to order
  • Pressures of up to 20 bar without additional support. (wetted support)
  • Wide product and specification range.
  • Logical progressive displacements over range. 
  • Torque locked timing gears 
  • Pump head separated from Gearbox (and vise versa) 
  • Improved hygienic geometry 
  • Rotor sealing

  • Improved customer / channel flexibility, facilitating change of port orientation to suit application 
  • Eliminates diameter changes in ports for effective cleaning and improved NPSH characteristics 
  • Pumps can be cleaned to accepted Standards and adheres to sanitary material specifications 
  • Robust cast iron gearbox providing maximum rigidity and ease of maintenance
  • Provides greater application flexibility for both hygienic and aggressive media 
  • Ease of maintenance, and ability to be cleaned in place. 
  • Ability to supply the correct pump specification over a very wide range of applications.
  • Cost effective pump selection 
  • Easy maintenance, more accurate and rigid timing setting 
  • Reduced risk of contamination of product by gearbox lubricant 
  • Improved cleaning ability

  • Yoghurt Products 
  • Concentrates 
  • Milk 
  • Cream 
  • Cheese Products 
  • Butter Ice Cream
  • To & From Pasturisers 
  • Tank Transfer Duties 
  • To & From Heat Exchangers 
  • Tanker Pumps 
  • Finished Products
Note: Products tend to be shear sensitive and as such pump speed should be kept low to avoid damage to the pumped media.

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