Mixproof Valve - Van Nhiều Ngả

 Alfa Laval Mixroof Valve là loại van nhiều ngả được chọn lựa tùy theo ứng dụng của khách hàng, sẽ có các loại khác nhau

Nguyên lý của các loại Mix Proof Valve đa dạng

Các giải pháp ứng dụng vi sinh của van nhiều ngả

Unique Mixproof Valve
The ultimate Mixproof valve
  • Unique: Fits exactly to your process, no more no less
  • Unique: Offers SpiralClean for ultimate hygienic performance
  • Unique: A very reliable design
  • Unique: Minimum service and maintenance needs
The ultimate Mixproof valve
  • UniqueBasic: For low cost and CIP solutions
  • UniqueSeatClean: For standard solutions
  • UniqueHighClean: For high hygienic solutions
  • UniqueUltraClean: The highest hygienic solution

SBV Sanitary Ball Valve

  • Designed for use as a food product valve in on/off process
  • SBV is the optimum choice for viscous or particulate liquids

SBV Sanitary Ball Valve

  • Processed foods 
  • Meat and poultry 
  • Bio-pharm 
  • Personal care 
  • Confectionery 
  • Ice cream 
  • Pet food 
  • Dairy (viscous- particulate products) 
  • CIP-applications
  • Sizes: ISO 25 - 101,6 DIN 25 - 100
SBV Sanitary Ball Valve
  • Two sizes of actuator (104 and 130mm) 
  • NC - normally closed (standard) or NO - normally open. 
  • The actuator is maintenance free (10 years guarantee) 
  • SBV with actuator and ThinkTop® (option) 
  • Two inspection holes in the bonnet connecting valve body and actuator allow for easy inspection of the stem seal tightness 
  • Standard actuator with visual position indication and easy mounting of inductive proximity switches

SBV Sanitary Ball Valve

Options - 
  • Male parts or clamp liners in accordance with required standard. 
  • Actuator prepared for ThinkTop®. 
  • Cavity cleaning connections. 
  • Cavity fillers (encapsulated valve seats). 
  • Handle and bracket for inductive proximity switches
Features and Benefits
Compact and simple design
  • Easy to build-in.
  • Easy and quick maintenance (3-piece design).
  • No special tools required for maintenance
  • Maintenance free actuator , 10 years guarantee.
  • Long maintenance intervals due to PTFE valve seats Suitable for abrasive media.
  • Floating ball guarantee improved tightness.
  • Few moving parts
  • Inspection holes in bonnet, allow for easy inspection of stem seals tightness.
Các loại van nhiều ngả khác bao gồm: regulating valve SPC-2, CPM-2; shutter valves MH actuated; Sampling Valve - Van lấy mẫu và Non Return Valve LKC 2

Các mẫu van khác bao gồm các mã: 
  • LKAB
  • PRV
  • LKBV
  • LKC-2
  • LKSV
  • LKUV-1

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