Single Seat Valve SRC SSV


Nguyên lý làm việc của van single seat SRC và SSV của Alfalaval

SRC valve body - Cấu tạo thân van SRC

SRC - Body Drawing Symbols (Ký hiệu thân van SRC)

  • Stainless steel actuators with caged spring 
  • 3 diameter sizes : 89 mm, 133 mm, 199 mm 
  • Field reversible with no additional parts (NC - NO)

SRC - Single Seat Valve Features and Benefits
  • Few moving parts ensures high reliability 
  • Double rubber lip seal wipes the stem clean during both upward and downward travel No O-rings 
  • Flat seat design for longer seat life 
  • High safety because of "caged" spring 
  • Field reversible actuator (NO - NC) 
  • Field rebuild from manual to remote 
  • Field rebuild from sanitary to aseptic 
  • Easy to service

New Unique SSV will replace present SRC valve

Unique SSV Manufacturing

Unique SSV Standard Range

  • ISO: DN/OD
  • Unique SSV ½” and ¾” (SSSV)
  • Unique SSV 1” to 4” (25 to 101,6 mm)
  • Unique SSV 6” (SRC) – Release Q3-07
  • DIN: DN
  • Unique SSV 25 to 100 mm (DN80-100 release Q4-06)
  • Unique SSV (SRC) DN 125 and DN 150 mm
  • Shut-off and Change over
  • Reverse acting
  • Long stroke
  • Aseptic – release Q3-07
  • Tank outlet – release Q3-07
  • Y-body – release Q3-07
  • 2-Step/3-Position – release Q3-07
  • Control valve (throttling valve)
Unique SSV Options
  • Partly Maintainable actuator 
  • High pressure actuator 
  • Elastomer Seat ring – HNBR, FPM 
  • TR2 Seat ring (PTFE) For US Market 
  • Level of automation

Unique SSV Configurations

Unique SSV Actuator

Unique SSV Features
Process safety with peace of mind:
  • Built on a well-proven platform from an installed base of more than one million Valves.
  • The one piece body means strength, ensuring reliable safe production
  • Traceability in compliance with the EU Food Regulation 1935/2004.
  • The upgraded sealing concept, with defined compression of sealing with metal-to-metal contact, ensures safe production.
  • Actuator gives higher performance, ensuring reliable safe production.

Unique SSV Features
Optimum hygiene:
  • The body of the Unique SSV has no welds
  • Surface finish, Ra ≤ 0,8μm, meeting the highest standards of hygiene
  • Superior cleanability by the ball-shaped body with no dead zones
  • Valve plug with enhanced cleaning-in-place capabilities
  • A double working lip seal minimizes risk of contamination
  • The valve meets all hygenic design standards and is EHEDG certified.
  • Authorized to carry the 3A symbol
Great Saving of ownership:
  • Traceability (EU Food Regulation 1935/2004) is simple as one piece of steel generates one piece of documentation.
  • Superior cleanability saves time and cuts cleaning fluid costs
  • Actuator gives higher performance
  • Upgraded sealing concept ensures longer seal life.
  • Aseptic one piece design - Less spare parts and less stock costs
Unique SSV ”Raising the bar!”
  • Improved pressure performance
  • Improved hygiene - no dead-zones
  • Improved stem guide
  • Controlled compression of elastomer seal ring
  • Improved aseptic solution
  • Improved modularity
  • Fewer welds
  • Valve configurator

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